Earlier this week, we showed you the two posters Mondo released as part of their SXSW Game of Thrones gallery show. Now Mondo has opened the show to the public, giving us a peek at how their favorite artists interpret Game of Thrones.

Jason Edmiston's holy "Mother of Dragons" seems to be the scene-stealer of the show, which runs through March 12 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, but as well as it works as a TV-inspire religious icon, many of the other artists offer more narrative and visually striking takes on the people and places we've seen in the show so far. Below are a few of our favorites; the originals are for sale at the Mondo Gallery store, and you can see higher resolution images of all the pieces at EW and Wired.

[Mondo Gallery via The Mary Sue]

"Mother of Dragons" by Jason Edmiston

"Margaery" by Audrey Kawasaki

"Prophecy" by Tom Bagshaw

"In the House of the Undying" by Daniel Danger

"Bran Stark" by Richey Beckett