After receiving his Phd in neuroscience at University of Pennsylvania, Greg Dunn decided to explore the structures of the brain and the rest of the nervous system through the medium of paint. Informed by Japanese sumi-e ink wash painting, Dunn paints meditative scenes of neurons the way many artists have painted twisting trees.

Dunn's paintings reflect the beauty our nervous system shares with other aspects of nature, even if that beauty goes unseen by the naked eye. He appreciates the capacity of sumi-e to render the minimal expressively, inspiring him to paint his cerebral scenes and neuron compositions as truly alive. These nervous system landscapes are imaginary, but based on his intimate knowledge of these structures. He also paints more traditional nature scenes, and it's especially interesting to see his neuron paintings alongside his paintings of trees and grasses.

Dunn sells prints, scrolls, and screens featuring his work at his website.

Greg Dunn [via Wired Science via Mental Floss]