What could be more beautiful

Artist Raid71 has a show coming up next week at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn where you can see these illustrations of New York City being destroyed by monsters. The theme of the show is "the popular face of New York," and will also include other pop culture icons that are not covered in tentacles or breathing fire.

Here's Godzilla, who is actually not represented quite accurately here — the Gozilla who destroyed New York was in the Roland Emmerich movie and looked like this (much to everybody's annoyance) — so I think Raid71 has improved on cinematic history here.

And here's a little Independence Day action.

King Kong, of course.


This is from a Roger Corman cult classic called Q from the 1980s, where Ray Harryhausen did the effects.

Can you name this one? It's the monster that should have been in a certain comic book movie but wasn't.