Brain science can be a rather daunting area of study. So kudos to comic artist Matteo Farinella and neuroscientist Hana Ros of University College London for their upcoming Neurocomic project — an imaginative effort to explain the inner workings of the brain through the graphic novel format.

Farinella and Ros started Neurocomic in response to the increased public awareness of neuroscience, particularly as it relates to the problems of aging and mental disorders.

They describe their project like this:

Neurocomic will be a graphic novel that takes the reader on an exciting and visually captivating adventure through the brain, populated by quirky creatures and famous neuroscientists. Giant squid, talking sea slugs, mysterious trap doors, submarines, parachutes and underwater battles transport the reader on a fantasy journey that fascinates and helps them to understand how the brain works.

Though still in progress (the first issue is due out later this year), Neurocomic adventures will show how cells use electricity to communicate, how drugs work, and what happens during brain disorders.

H/t Mind Hacks.