Marvel's newest mega-event kicks off as Ultron takes over New York City, Hellboy's origin is revealed, and the My Little Ponies face the most evil pony ever, all in this week's comic releases!

New Issues

Dark Horse:
• Hellboy continues his journey through the afterlife in the aptly named Hellboy in Hell #4, but Mike Mignola has one more insane revelation — and it has to do with Hellboy's origin.
• Buffy's Willow Wonderland #5 features Buffy's witch pal hunting for magic, but she'll have to face her most powerful foe first — herself.
• Other releases: 47 Ronin #3, Colder #5, Star Wars: Dark Times - Fire Carrier #2.

• The Rotworld saga finally concludes in Animal Man #18, but there are still consequences for Buffy Baker and his entire family.
• The anime-fied girls of DC's Ame-Comi statue line make their comic debut in Ame-Comi Girls #1, as the ladies team up to defeat Brainiac (who is also a lady).
• Batman takes on the Penguin in Detective Comics #18, but a new crime lord named Ignatius Ogilvy is already planning to take over Gotham's underworld.
• The First Lantern continues to warp reality in Green Lantern #18, but Hal Jordan and Sinestro are still trapped.
• Other releases: Batwing #18, Before Watchmen: Rorschach #4, Dial H #10, Earth 2 #10, Green Arrow #10, Phantom Stranger #6, Smallville Season 11 #11, Superman #17, Superman: Family Adventures #10, Swamp Thing #18.

• The Mane six have made it to the Changeling Kingdom in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #4, but now they're at the mercy of the rather merciless, shape-shifting pegacorn Queen Chrysalis.
The Adventures of Augusta Wind #5 has Augusta return to Nowhere Island, but it's under attack by the Terrible Something. That's actually it's name, in case you thought I didn't know.
• The Benzheen mission is over, but Jinx returns with some shocking information in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #188
• Other releases: Jinnrise #3, Joe Palooka #4, True Blood #10.

Lost Vegas #1 begins as one ex-slave tries to pull off the greatest heist in the universe.
• Mara reveals her superpowers in Mara #3, and faces a bew threat: discrimination.
• Phil Noto's deadly assassin takes a mission to kill the President in Trigger Girl 6 #1.
• Other releases: Bedlam #5, Epic Kill #9, Great Pacific #5, I Love Trouble #4, Savage Dragon #185, Sex #1, Witchblade #164, Youngblood #77.


• The massive 10-part epic Age of Ultron gets its inaugural issue, as the insane robot Ultron begins his war not just to kill humanity, but eradicate all life on earth. And he's already conquered NYC!
• The X-Men of the past have to deal with the Avengers of the present in All-New X-Men #8.
A Plus X #5 features two amazing team-ups: Iron Man and Beast, and Iron First and… Doop?!
• The most dangerous hero in the Marvel universe gets created in Avengers #7.
Other Releases: Age of Apocalypse #13, Cable and X-Force #5, Daredevil: End of Days #6, Iron Man #7, Powers Bureau #2, Superior Spider-Man #5, Ultimate Comics Ultimates #22.

The Adventures of Fionna and Cake #3, Dan the Unharmable #11, Fashion Beast #7, Planet of the Apes: Cateclysm #7, Stitched #12.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Dark Horse:
• The Blood: The Last Vampire saga continues as Saya works at a shrine by day and hunt Chiropterans by night in Blood-C Vol. 1.
• Will Eisner recounts his memories of war in this moving hardcover of Last Day in Vietnam: A Memory.
• Other releases: Trigun: Multiple Bullets.


• Grant Morrison's weird, wild Joe the Barbarian collects the avdnetures of an 11-year-old boy in the epic fantasy world of his imagination.
• Jonah Hex and his sidekick Dr. Arkham take on anarchists in New Orleans and the Court of Owls in Gotham City in All Star Western Vol. 2: Lords and Owls.
• Other releases: Red Lanterns Vol. 2: Death of the Red Lanterns.

• Spies and ninjas clash when two covert teams finally learn of each other's existence in Danger Girl/G.I. Joe.
• The Doctor battles a shadow that steals time from anything it touches in Doctor Who Vol. 1: The Hypothetical Gentleman.
• The Rocketeer returns in the Cargo of Doom tale, in which cargo contains doom, not that the cargo itself is doomed. In case you were wondering.

• The hit horror comic Severed is collected, where a 12-year-old runaway manages to meet a fanged traveling salesman who eats children. Now that's just bad luck.


• The tiny, deadly star of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass returns in Kick-Ass 2: Prelude – Hit Girl, and this time, Kick-Ass is the sidekick.
Spider-Man: Dying Wish collects the controversial storyline where Peter Parker has a bad day and the dying Doctor Octopus has a pretty darned good one.
Other releases: Avengers Infinity, Ultimate Comics Iron Man.

Archer and Armstrong Vol. 1, Btooom Vol. 1, Crossed Vol. 5, Muse Deluxe, One Piece Vol. 66, Peanuts Vol. 2, Tank Girl: Everybody Loves Tank Girl.