A scifi classic finally comes to Blu-ray, the long-awaited Warhammer: Ultramarines CG movie slinks out to home video, and Regular Show fans get screwed in an unfortunately regular manner, all thanks to this week's DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Wreck-It Ralph
The fun, funny and genuinely sweet homage to classic videogaming in which Disney boldly reminds people that Pixar doesn't have the monopoly on great CG animated movies.

Red Dawn
The crappy remake starring Thor, not the original. You know, some movies only work in the time they were made, and I think we can safely say Red Dawn could have and should have only been made in ‘80s America.

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjutzu Season 2
I would like to point out that this goddamn Lego cartoon has full-season sets, and yet Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes does not. THIS IS A TRAVESTY.

The scifi classic about the robot cowboy and the theme park he terrorizes finally comes to Blu-ray.

Nightmare on Elm Street Collection
All seven nightmares on five Blu-ray discs; at $45, that's less than $7 a nightmare.

The Bay
The director of Rain Man and The Natural tries his hand at a Blair Witch "found footage" cheapo horror flick about evil parasites from the Chesapeake. Nothing about this sentence makes any sense to me.

Regular Show: Party Pack 3
Here's 16 random Regular Show episodes, because apparently it too doesn't deserve full season sets. If only Mordecai and Rigby were masters of Spinjutzu!

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever
I can't help but feel that in 20 years, "Berry Friends" will be a profoundly disturbing sexual euphemism.

Ultamarines: Warhammer
Holy shit, is the CG Warhammer movie only now coming out? I mean, I know it hit VOD, but is this the first time you can actually purchase it on disc? Yikes. Although if the movie's CG looked half as good as the last Warhammer video game did, I imagine this wouldn't be an issue, for a lot of reasons.

Bodacious Space Pirates 2
I don't really know much about this anime series, but looking at the cover, I very much have to call into question the bodaciousness of this particular space pirate.

Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc
The rather pretty new movie version of the classic samurai anime Rurouni Kenshin's beloved Kyoto arc. It's currently selling slightly less than Bodacious Space Pirates 2, which is a bit sad.

Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers
Note: This is not the awesome Power Rangers special where every single Red Ranger from every single Power Rangers show kick ass together. That's the "Forever Red" episode of Wild Force. This is just a crappy special where the RPM Red Ranger and Samurai Red Ranger get hypnotized and fight each other.

Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter
I was wondering why the fantastic actor Ray Winstone was in this obvious piece of crap, then I saw that Elfie is played by his daughter Jaime Winstone. Mystery: solved!

Zombie Warz: Fall the Shadow
I don't know that I can trust the three glowing Amazon reviews which claim this zombie movie is great, but I do know I refuse to trust any movie that swaps an "s" with a "z". Zorry about that, Zombie Warz.