The Real-Life Argo... and Other Fake Science Fiction Movies

Argo just won an Academy Award for its recounting of the story of a fake science fiction movie called Lord of Light. But the real-life story of Lord of Light is even weirder, involving a theme park and a political scandal. And that's not the only science fiction movie in history that turned out to be a hoax, or a scam.


Here are the eight biggest science fiction movie hoaxes and scams of all time. More »

Argo is a fantastic movie about a time when we all thought science fiction could set us free

Ben Affleck's nearly perfect new movie Argo plays with contrasts quite a lot. Again and again, the fake space opera film that the CIA is creating in Affleck's film is juxtaposed with depressing real-life events, like the Iranian hostage crisis and America's Carter-era malaise. Affleck takes the then-brand new myth of Star Wars and puts it alongside the slowly tarnishing myth of American invulnerability. More »

Lost Jack Kirby storyboards show the insane world that could have been Argo

Ben Affleck's hit movie Argo owes everything to a movie called Lord of Light, an adaptation of a Roger Zelazny novel. Lord of Light sat in development hell until CIA operative Tony Mendez renamed it Argo and used this insane scifi movie as a cover story to smuggle 6 Americans home from Iran. More »

Lord Of Light: Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'

In the first chapter of Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny - which won the Hugo in 1968 - the book's hero preaches a sermon about the futility of taking action in the material world. More »

The Worst Scifi Snubs in Oscar History

Speculative fiction has a crummy track record when it comes to the Academy Awards, and even when an iconic scifi flick scores Oscar nods, it tends to be ignored in everything but the technical categories (see: E.T., Star Wars, Avatar). Many unfairly overlooked scifi Oscar nominees have been vindicated by history, but we nevertheless feel compelled to dredge these examples up. More »