The Tumblr blog MovieBarcode offers us a very different look at some of our favorite films. Individual frames from each film are compressed into thin digital strips and compiled into barcode-like sequences, giving us a sense of how the color palette changes across a film and sometimes across a franchise.

Some of the resulting barcodes are what you'd expect; Dark City is, well, dark, and Heavy Metal pops with neon colors. But it's especially interesting to see, for example, how the Jurassic Park films get darker after the first movie, and how readily you can correlate the sequences in the Star Wars films to their dominant colors.


Check out the complete index of films to see how your favorites are represented. You can also purchase prints of the barcodes through RedBubble.

Top image: Blade Runner.

MovieBarCodes [via reddit]




Escape from New York:

Escape from LA:

Jurassic Park:

The Lost World: Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park III:

Dark City:

Heavy Metal:


Star Wars Original Trilogy:

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: