Given that Tetris is the ultimate "building stuff out of blocks" game, it's probably no surprise that it has architectural analogues. Here is a gallery of buildings around the world that look they were built by crazy Tetris fans.

Habitat 67 (Moshe Sadfie, Montreal, Canada, 1967)

This model community in Montreal, Canada was built for the 1967 World's Fair. It has 146 residences, (354 concrete forms in 12 storeys) all of them with a private terrace.

(via Wikimedia Commons)

NaCl House (David Jameson Architect, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 2011)

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Torre Agbar (Jean Nouvel, Barcelona, 2004)

(via Michael Jennings and Wikimedia Commons)

La Losa, Oviedo, Spain

(via Flickr/paspog 1, 2 and Flickr/cuboidal)

Tetris Apartments (OFIS Architekti, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007)

The Slovenian social apartment block includes 650 homes in 4 floors high buildings.

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The Mush Residence (Studio 0.10 Architects, Los Angeles, 2009)

An artist's studio and an exhibition space.

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VM Houses (BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005)

The V and the M buildings are a huge architectural Tetris with 114 units.

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Aluminium House (Architektid Muru & Pere, Rannamoisa, Estonia, 2008)

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ORDOS 100 #43 (Tatiana Bilbao, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, 2010)

The seven different sections create a weird continuity.

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Riomaggiore, Italy

This wonderful village was founded in the early 13th century.

(via Flickr/dblackadder and Wikimedia Commons)

Tetris house in Saint Petersburg, Russia

(via Ruben Solaz/Flickr, and the animation below is from the Berlin Block Tetris by Sergei Hein)