If you picked up your copy of Game of Thrones season 2 on Blu-ray or DVD yesterday, you've likely checked out some of the set's many extras. One thing you won't find on there is this gallery of awesome fan art, created by artists who have ignored the TV series to bring their own vision of A Song of Ice and Fire to life... because it would make absolutely no sense to include it on the Blu-ray. Still, here's a fun look at a different Game of Thrones, where the players may look different, but the game remains the same.

Arya Stark by Gaspar Nolasco

Jon Snow by pulyx

Bran, Summer and Old Nan by Marco Calosci

Brienne by Quickreaver

Catelyn and Sansa by Martina Cecilia

Cersei Seated by Jezebel

Daenerys Targaryen by Chaotic-Alterego

Sansa's wedding night by Asidpk

Nymeria by Daaria

Arya by Twiggy McBones

Needle by Shilloshilloh

Spearmaiden by Patrick McEvoy

Games of Thrones by Gigel

Prince and the Hound by Phobs

The Others by Alea LeFevre

The Starks by Marymaru

Game of Thrones by Altramina

Jon Snow and Ghost by Gaspar Nolasco

Jon Snow U So Sad by Hamlet Machine

Mother of Dragons by Coliandre

Mother of Dragons by Hungerartist

Sansa and Sandor by kyla79

The Others by Koumako

The Stark Children by Nilaffle

Valar Morghulis by Cuboidal

White Walker by Skdiesel

Ygritte by I-Andreea-I

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow by Jsheaisaninja