We can't get enough of Hillary White's mashups of classic fine arts with pop culture. In her latest series, she turns her wily brush to portraitures, with monsters, Muppets, villains, and superheroes as her subjects.

White's portraits are currently on display not at a gallery, but at Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, Maine, so you can enjoy your art over peppered beef stew. Some of these portraits are based on actual paintings—R2-D2 stars in a knockoff of Francois-Xavier Fabre's Portrait Of A Man, Batman in Anthony Van Dyck's Portrait Of Jan Brueghel, the Green Ranger in John Singer Sargent's Portrait of Louis Alexander Fagan, and Kermit in Frans Hals' Portrait of a Young Woman (so technically, Kermit sits for his portrait like a lady). Others come off as the wackiest CEO portraits ever to grace a boardroom wall. You can see more from the series in White's deviantART gallery.

Pop Reinterpretation [Hillary White via Ian Brooks]