You possibly know the work of Laurent Durieux through his Mondo movie posters, but if that's all you know, you're missing out. The 42-year-old Belgian artist, an acolyte and fan of Jean "Moebius" Giraud, was named one of the world's 200 best illustrators by the prestigious Lürzer's Archive advertising magazine in 2011; since then, he's done pop art pieces for Dark Hall Mansion as well as several pieces for Mondo, including a poster for Jaws that Steven Spielberg himself bought prints of and sent to many of his friends.

Collectors Weekly has an extended profile of the artist and his work, but here's a small sampling below — because Durieux is a name you need to start looking out for.

Jaws poster for Mondo.


Illustration for 2013 exhibition at the Hero Complex Gallery.

Print for Dark Hall Mansion.

Aposter for Durieux's animated shot Hellville.

The Iron Giant poster for Mondo.

Valentine's Day print for Dark Hall Mansion.

The Wolf Man poster for Mondo.