Phil Postma has been playing with different pop culture properties with Pixar aesthetics, mashing up Pixar characters and features with DC and Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek. Take a gander at some of the Pixar mashups he's devised for some of comics' mightiest heroes and most nefarious villains.

We definitely see a lot of The Incredibles in this crop of images (with a bit of Brave and Ratatouille thrown in for good measure, but it's still fun to see Elastigirl as Wonder Woman and Mr. Incredible and Dash as Batman and Robin. And Postma's skills have really progressed; check out his Star Wars and Star Trek series for something that drifts away from mashup and closer to caricature.

Pixar Invades The Marvel & DC Comics Universe! [Minion Factory via Xombie DIRGE]