Some of our favorite TV series started as movies, like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Heck even Zombieland is currently under development as an original series for Amazon. But what other movies are ripe for a TV spinoff? We've got a list of films with amazing small screen potential. Hollywood, stop futzing around with crap remakes, because here are ten spinoffs we actually want to see.

10. Ghostbusters
We've been waiting and waiting for Ghostbusters 3 the movie. Perhaps it's time to give up and focus on a way to bring the Ghostbusters back in a non-drama-filled Hollywood stunt casting way. What about Ghostbusters the live action TV show? Set it in the present with a new team. The original cast can be involved or not, the head guy could be Dr. Raymond Stantz's kid who just inherited the firehouse. We're cool with whatever backstory. Just as long as there is a band of misfit heroes chasing around silly/scary spirits in New York City while skirting the edge of the law we are in. Of course the whole thing would hinge on the writing. The TV series would need to land a showrunner who can straddle comedy and horror perfectly. Our suggestion? Get Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars and Party Down and cross your fingers that his loyal band of amazing actors like Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott and Kristen Bell sign on to be regulars, or at the very least, come for a cameo. Yes we know there was a Ghostbusters cartoon series which was also awesome, but we're focusing on live action for now.

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9. Constantine
The best part about Constantine wasn't the whole "spear of destiny" story, it was the world building. Put your feet in water and hold a cat to go to hell. Shake a screeching beetle to deter demons. Mirrors play an important part in exorcisms. Oh and the characters, sexy angels and nasty demons all in amazing outfits turning water into wine in their secret underground clubs. We want to party with you Constantine! We want to learn about your religious super wars and what all your tattoos mean and how you got them. The DC comic is stuffed with new stories to tell and mysteries to solve. What happened after the spear of destiny debacle? Make it dark, make it hot, and at some point someone has to have sex with an angel. All this series would need to do is pick up right where the movie left off with a PISSED Devil doing everything in his power to get John Constantine's soul back.

8. Looper "Vagrant Wars"
Rian Johnson already said he was (sort of) in. Give us a noir-ish drama following a new Looper-to-be trying to make his way up in the mob ranks of Kansas City. Meanwhile the Vagrant Wars rage on, ripping apart the midwest.

7. Starship Troopers
The audience follows fresh batch of troopers from boot camp to the big battle. Think Band of Brothers with aliens and group showers. This would have to be on Showtime. Yes we know there was already a failed version of a Starship Troopers TV show, but this would be infinitely darker and with much better FX.

6. The Craft
The CW tried to harness the power of magic in High School with The Secret Circle. Sadly the series missed the whole point of why we watch ladies with magic powers - for the sisterhood. No more boys with powers (sorry boys) no more family heritage issues or destiny mumbo jumbo. The Craft, the series, is just about high school kids screwing around with things they shouldn't be. Reboot it in the here and now with the exact same characters. Nancy Downs is the ultimate high school villain, she belongs on television again and not in some sexy cackling cool girl way via Secret Circle. I want a scary girl with serious mental issues dragging her toes across the floor as she flings old flames out the window. The casting will be difficult, but it's do-able.

5. Harry Potter: The New Class
What happens in Gryffindor when the kids aren't waging war against an evil sorcerer who wants to kill all the humans on Earth? There's plenty of meat in the original books to flesh out. We propose TV series that follows the new class of magic babies, but with a more central focus on the day-to-day activities of Hogwarts. Think The Goblet of Fire but shorter with high school dance dramas, sports and magical quizzes.

4. Inception
An origins story on how Cobb, Arthur, Mal and Eames met. Before they were professional dream thieves, they had to fail once or twice. Let's see how the band got together, the huge mind wiping mistakes they made with their loved ones (before Mal) and the capers that they pulled off successfully. The banter between Eames and Arthur alone is worth a greenlight.

3. The Last Starfighter
Reboot Alex Rogan, set it in the here and now, with a new video game and better FX. Videogame tie-ins are assured. Do it.

2. Lost Boys
The children of Star and Michael, Lucy (named after Michael's mother) and Scott, head to Santa Cruz, California to discover the secret past their parents refuse to discuss. There, the two siblings run across the remaining Lost Boys still alive (and still in 80s costume). The last Lost Boy is PISSED and sends his new army of hot vampire babes to wipe out the spawn of his enemies. Thankfully Michael and Lucy's past lives as vampires have given their children SUPER STRENGTH. The fight goes on, Scott is tricked into drinking the blood of a vampire (just like his idiot father) and now it's a race to save Scott along with any other sexy tween caught out late on the boardwalk. The last scene of the pilot Corey Feldman appears. BOOM! We would also be open to a vampire-centric story The Last Lost Boy, where the remaining vampire comes out of hiding since 1987 and attempts to assimilate into society. He fails, a lot. It would be in the same wheelhouse as Phil Lord and Chris Miller's very self aware 21 Jump Street, but with vampires. Look we just want a Lost Boys show, OK?

1. Enemy Mine
Instead of Louis Gosset Jr. dying, he and Dennis Quaid have to raise their kid together on an alien mining colony world. Sitcom!