[UPDATE: And now the first pic of the Russell Crowe as Jor-El Movie Masters figure has surfaced; it's located below the Zod toys. Warning: Jor-EL looks... I don't know. I have no goddamn clue what is going on with his outfit, but it's definitely... odd.]

Insert "kneel before XXX!" joke here! What's you're looking at is Mattel's Man of Steel Movie Masters Zod toy, which popped up on the Internet earlier today and provides the best look yet at Superman's fellow Kryptonian and nemesis. Clearly, Zod is going for an emo communist kind of thing (yeah, that's not exactly a hammer-and-sickle on his chest, but it's pretty damn close) just to make abundantly sure all the poor, cognition-challenged audience members watching the movie can easily figure out he's evil. Mission achieved, Man of Steel!


Anyways, the full shot of the figure is below, as is the adorablly stylized — and somehow more accurate-seeming — Pop! Vinyl figure of Zod, as well as one of his Lego incarnations.

[Via ToyNewsI]