Way over yonder in Berlin, Germany, the annual festival of media art and digital culture known as "transmediale" is just getting underway. This year's theme: BWPWAP (Back When Pluto Was a Planet).

Mike Brown, the astronomer who killed Pluto, was invited to speak at the festival's opening ceremony, which included a debate over Pluto's demotion and a vote to reinstate its planetary status. Brown, of course, accepted, and has been documenting the festival on twitter.

Here's where the festival is going down:


Judging from Brown's latest string of tweets, the Pluto debate is over, and the vote โ€” conducted with yellow cards โ€” has been carried out:

Aaaaand here's the final tally on the Resolution to reinstate Pluto:


BOOM. Pluto is denied. Again. As it damn well should be.

And Brown, twitter handle still in good order, proceeds to Paris to continue spreading the good word:


All images via the Pluto Killer himself.
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