DreamWorks' upcoming prehistoric film The Croods may be computer animated, but it knows its traditional animation roots. Croods co-director Chris Sanders (who also directed and wrote Lilo and Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon) has been posting production art from the film, including some unused storyboards that would make fantastic animated shorts all on their lonesome.

You can see the beginning of a sequence in which the character Eep battles a snapping, sentient plant, and check out the whole thing on Sanders' blog. The choreography of this sequence is delightful; the way Eep moves makes her instantly likable, and the moment when she strangles the plant beast is utterly framable.

Sanders has also posted images from another couple of scenes, including one featuring a prehistoric menu:

Croods Update – The Lost Boards Part 1 and The Lost Boards Part 2 [Chris Sanders via Drawn]