When NBC canceled Star Trek in 1969, many fans feared the starship Enterprise's five-year mission had ended prematurely. But thanks to the books, movies, comics, and all the other official tie-ins, we know Captain Kirk and his crew's adventures continued — but nowhere have those adventurers been wilder, weirder, and occasionally cuter than in their unofficial adventures, especially courtesy of fan art. Here's a small sampling of some of the insanity the Enterprise apparently got into once the cameras stopped rolling and fans grabbed their sktechpads. (FYI the awesome pic above is by Rabittooth, whose art you're going to see a lot of below.)

Come Rain or Shine by The First Fleet

Star Trek in the House by applepie1989

Victorian Steampunk Trek by Rabittooth

Laocoon Orgy of Tribbles by HeiligerShadowfax

Star Trek Abbey Road by Rabittooth

Drifting Down the Z Axis by Dazlious Pheasant

The Persistence of Star Trek by rachaelm5

If Kirk Met Q by zenzmufy

Rocking the Universe by Rafoodle

Star Trek: The Original Series by Dusty-Abell

The Oldest Debate in Geekdom by The Batcomputer

The Enterprise Crew by andyprue

Star Trek Nighthawks by Rabittooth

Kirk Vs. the Gorn 2.0 by Witblogi

Everyone's a Captain Kirk by TomPreston

Kirk Vs. Bowling by MilitaryMulie

Unknown by Lara K.

Trouble on Krypton by Rabittooth (I know this is a mash-up, but it was too awesome not to share.)

Enterprise Strand on Shasheer by Musclewoman Planet