Being Human is back with a whole load of changes. The werewolf, the vampire and the ghost are no more. Now it's more like the human, the zombie and the vampires. Things are very different for our dear little monsters, so let's just hope there's room in that rickety old Boston home for everyone.

First, I didn't recap the season premiere (which was pretty fantastic) because The Chin and The Pup were partaking in a live Q&A session right here at io9. So here are my overall impressions of the season starter, which I give two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

After a whole second season of Sally fighting the evil, Keanu Reeves-lite inside of her, I'm perfectly fine with rebooting this plotline and turning Sally into a zombie. The rules for the supernatural spirit were never clearly defined in season two. Hopefully Sally's new corpse body will come with some hard and fast rules similar to the werewolves and the vampires. And after last night's concluding death twist, it it looks like reanimated corpses have their own spirit playbook. Good.


That being said, I liked the blurry, melancholic redundancy of limbo and absolutely enjoyed watching Josh dig up the withered corpse of his friend. The werewolf's eventual breakdown in the first episode was fantastic and needed. It set the tone for the whole crew really: all three leads appear to be constantly teetering on the verge of some sort of nervous breakdown. Which is great because all I really want from this show is three mental monsters hanging out, no Silence of the Lambs mask needed.

As for the vampire virus, I could take it or leave it at this point. But thankfully the second episode used the disease to its advantage so game on.


Breaking into the second episode, let's talk about Liam McClean, Connor and Brynn's father. Remember them? Of course you don't. They were introduced and easily disposed of somewhere in between blood orgies and Sally's possession. But at least Josh and Aidan are being forced to deal with the ramifications of their past actions. As much as I love any scene with an Amish vampire in it (seriously there is nothing better than the Amish vampires they just work so damn well, I love them) Liam's strange moment talking to the severed wolf head of his son bordered on silly. Thankfully he got to step it up when he locked himself away with Nora later. The two would both "wolf in" (CRIPES) together. This was interesting. The changing process is something constantly protected by both Josh and Nora, so this felt like a huge violation of her supernatural privacy. And I for one would like to know more about werewolf social bugaboos.

Meanwhile Sally and her ghost friends are all zombies now. Reanimated by a hastily delivered line "thank god you rubbed more of that blah blah salve on me" poof done. And just like that Zoey is reunited with her ghost lover and little Stevie is sent away because he has nothing to do with this episode. Only Sally remains, and ghost girl is hungry for food and sweet sweet lovin. Understandable. So what does the dead girl do? Hang her common sense on the wall and go get drunk with Josh.

Sigh... Sally YOU WERE DEAD. How do you not know better than this? I never really took this character for a dumb-dumb but if I was a spirit, then ghost suicided myself to limbo only to be tortured in dreary hell for a year and later reanimated back into my youth filled body, I would read the instructions before downing the nearest cocktail. I appreciate the hunger and the horniness, but for a creature who had so little, why is she so quick to throw it all away? What if eating a cheeseburger turns her into a brain eating nightmare? At home, I turned into Guy from Galaxy Quest screaming at the crew as they stepped out onto a unknown planet. "Don't open that, it's an alien planet! Is there air???" Why are Josh and Nora indulging this destructive behavior? My guess, these two are DONE with everyone else's problems (as well they should be). But OK whatever. I'm happy Sally is back, and watching her friends pull her dead remains out of the ground was awesome so live and let live.


On the plus side, Sally's night out helped lay out the ground rules of zombie life. Kiss someone from your past and they will die. I like it, it worked for Pushing Daisies (kind of) so why not? I wonder if Zoey will be OK, as she only knew hew ghost mans from his spirit days? The last thing I'm going to touch on in the zombie plotline is the whole Aidan and Sally connection. NOPE, DON'T LIKE IT.

Moving on to Aidan. Sadly this is the last time we will see Aidan with his whole Forrest Gump "just keep runnin" look, which alas. Can we get a round of claps for the person responsible for turning Sam Witwer into the TV equivalent to one of those giant Barbie heads. Thank you, I will never tire of various Historical Vampire Hair Styles and such. It's just so great. Unfortunately shortly after returning home he appears with normal hair, thus missing out on a crucial vampire haircut montage or beauty moment. HOW WERE WE ROBBED OF THIS? Also does this mean that Aidan cuts his own hair? These are important questions people need to know.


So Aidan gets in touch with his old pals and BOOM heartfelt reunion time. You could feel the bromance between Josh and Aidan. It was nice. There were a lot of little moments between these two where you could feel genuine happiness. Josh is glad Aidan is no longer rotting in the ground somewhere (not that he knew that) and Aidan is happy that Josh is happy. It won't last, but it was good to have albeit briefly. Then zoom, out into the disease-stricken world of the blood market. Human flu (timely) is killing vampires.

Normally I wouldn't be so keen about jumping into a whole new plot this early on top of the werewolf revenge and Sally zombification, but I didn't mind where they took the epidemic. Aidan is saved from a brutal beatdown by his vampire son, Henry the skinless shit-eating-grin vampire. Henry has been glamouring (oh shit is that True Blood well whatever it is that vampires do to human brains in this supernatural show he did it here, I'm not looking it up) his girlfriend into staying inside for a YEAR and letting him feed off of her. Twisted. Aidan, being the wet blanket of morality he always is, lets her go. Henry is PISSED. They will most likely starve now.


Overall, the premiere had more guts but there were fun little twists in the second episode. Lots of work is being done to introduce plot lines pretty aggressively, and while that makes me nervous I'm infinitely more involved in these storylines over what we dealt with last year. I'm loving the zombie. It's fun, why not? Now that Sally has murdered an innocent fella with her zombie sex needs perhaps she will learn caution. Or maybe not. Meanwhile I'm excited to see what's going to happen with Nora and Josh. How long can they keep all of their crimes a secret? How long until Nora tries to kill Josh to free herself of the wolf curse? A lot of questions, and hopefully Being Human season three is game to answer them all.