Deadpool gets around. Not only doess the "merc with a mouth" make life for Marvel villains (and heroes) a merry hell, he's so popular that fans can't help but insert him into other pop culture universes in their fan art. The results, like Deadpool himself, range from the sublimely awesome to the awesomely ridiculous. Here's is just a small sampling of some of our favorite Deadpool crossover pictures that the Internet has to offer.

Deadpool meets Cliffjumper by amtkrs

Deadpool and Pinkie Pie by ~Ciriliko

Doctor Pool by Peder Fash and AnnaMaria Bryant

Deadpool and Boba Fett: Mercenaries by M7781

Deadpool Breaks Bad by M7781

Deadpool and Deathstroke: Comedy of Errors by M7781

Deadpool and the Golden Girls by ReillyBrown

Deadpool Meets Darkman by ~Shamrock001

Deadpool Meets Naruto by ~AdemusHaruhara

Deadpool Vs. Jaws by DeadpoolFool

Deadpool Vs. the Smurfs by ScarletVulture

Deadpool Meets Han Solo by Jonathan-Moore

Deadpool Vs. Batman by Mike Kevan

Deadpool and Soundwave by M7781

Deadpool in The Shining by M7781

The Walking Deadpool by HeroforPain

Deadpool Vs. Deathstroke by Darren Geers

Deadpool Vs. Afro Samurai by *pyroglyphics1

Sailor Deadpool by ~Menaria

Deadpool Vs. Sam and Max by ~original-j-

Deadpool Vs. Snake Eyes by Heroforpain

Deadpool and the Sirens by pikapikaichigo

Deadpool and Boba Fett Vs. Disney World by M7781