This is the famous "Volcano House," which belonged to broadcaster Huell Howser until his death recently. Now, it's been donated to Chapman University — which means if you go to Chapman, you might be able to take a sabbatical and live there, while pretending you're a supervillain with your own volcano lair.

The flying saucer-shaped house is on top of a volcanic cone in Newberry Springs, CA, between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. According to Curbed LA:

Originally commissioned by aircraft-mechanics genius Vard Wallace as a personal retreat, the home was designed by prolific and versatile Southern California architect Harold Bissner, Jr. and completed in 1968. The inspiration? San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, a nuclear plant in northwestern San Diego county.

The interior is just as trippy as the exterior. Check out a few choice photos, via Take Sunset. [The Panther Online, via Huffington Post]