German artist Aslan Malik has cash to spare — at least American cash. He defaced a few dollar bills of different denominations in order to create some rather awesome Justice League art, which we've been affectionately referring to as "JL$" around io9 HQ. You can obviously see Abraham Lincoln as The Flash above.

Is this a jab at America's romanticization of its founding forefathers? Is it a critique of America's tendency to believe capitalism can solve everything? Is it just awesome art? I have no idea, but you can check out the other members of the JL$ below.

Alexander Hamilton as Batman. Since Hamilton was an economist and Secretary of the Treasury, while Bruce Wayne is stupid-rich, this seems reasonably appropriate.

Benjamin Franklin as Green Lantern. Ben was an inventor and love of French prostitutes, while Hal Jordan "invents" constructions with his Green Lantern ring and dates Carol Fenris, who kind of dresses like a French prostitute when she's Star Sapphire, so it kinda works.

Andrew Jackson as Wonder Woman. It can be hard to understand why Malik chose the mercurial Jackson to represent Wonder Woman until you remember that both WW and Jackson had their own invisible jets.

Ulysses S. Grant as Superman. It's a little known fact that Grant's beard is the direct inspiration for Superman's hobo beard in the upcoming Man of Steel movie.

Grant also gets the "JL$" logo on the back of his bill. If you're wondering where the $1 bill is, I assume Malik started to turn George Washington into Aquaman, realized what he was doing, and immediately gave up.