There were plenty of great moments on television this last year — but there was also a lot of pain. And even as characters we loved dropped like flies, some of our most hated characters clung to life like ticks.

Here are 10 characters on science fiction television that we're dying to see sent to their final reward in Hell. Spoilers ahead...

1. Billith - True Blood
After a year of killing off ALL THE WRONG VAMPIRES. Bill emerged from a pool of blood like an 80s metal band music video FX shot, as Billith. Was his introduction awesome? Yes. Do we want a season of bloody vampire dick shots and copious superiority pontificating? Hell no. Remember last year, Bill HIT the vampire puppy Jessica. Look, we're not saying let's kill him off forever. This a magic show for adults. So surely if we kill Bill for one season, we can have two fairies bone him back to life or something, eventually. Which, let's be honest, that really does sound like a viable plot for this series. But for now, let's just focus on having awesome Eric and sassy Lala back. No more of this Billith nonsense.


2. Andrea - Walking Dead
Andrea, you are supposed to be the smartest character of the bunch. And yet, you have failed us at every turn this season. Bedding down with The Governor, and turning your back on the awesome Michonne after being plied with lies and liquor. Never mind the months Michonne guarded your sick carcass from the flesh-hungry walkers at your door, because Liam Neeson-lite and his band of racist guard dogs will take care of you forever. Boo to this character becoming the wide-eyed, hair twirling "leave my boyfriend alone" creature. Andrea, you were better than this. The only way she can make it up to us is by dying to save Michonne.

3. Danny and Charlie - Revolution
These two aren't so much characters as they are readily available bad-decision buttons that Revolution can pound on until all basic common sense has been flogged out of this series. Everything that goes wrong on this series is either Danny or Charlie's fault. It's time for these two siblings to be thrown down a well, while the adults take over.


4. The Weavers - The Neighbors
Season two starts with the Zabrvonian neighbors cultivating a taste for human flesh. Now that's an alien sitcom I would watch.

5. River Song - Doctor Who
Not all of our wishful death thinking is out of frustration or malice, which is why River Song landed on this list. While we are all very interested to see how River deals with the tornado of flirtation the Doctor and his new companion Clara are currently swept up in, two ladies fighting over the Doctor's attention will get real old, real fast. And the clock has run out on this character. We've seen her death, birth, re-generation, upbringing, and re-generation again. We've watched her fall in love, grow up and even get married. Let's give River Song her own desperately sad POV episode where she gets to say goodbye to the clueless Time Lord she loves. Then let's watch her pick up her fateful sonic screwdriver on her way to the Library — and then let's never see her again.


6. Belle - Once Upon A Time
Rumpelstiltskin's anchor, it's time for you to sink. Mr. Gold was a lot more fun when he wasn't having cheeseburgers with the girl who lives in the very convenient library apartment for free. Kill Belle, and you get the Dark One back! All hail the Dark One!

7. Nathan - Haven
Oh steadfast, boring old Nathan. Only around to provide the obligatory "stable guy" shoulder for the series' love triangle — let's give Nathan something worth being so noble about. Also think of it this way: Kill Nathan, and there's more time to spend on the Teague Brothers.


8. Darth Maul - Clone Wars
Even though the much-vaunted return of Darth Maul was quite exciting, his only appearance this season was fairly dreary. Use him or lose him. Plus we need a Maul death do-over. Darth Maul's death in Episode 1 was absolute garbage. Let's give Old Robot Legs the crazy goodbye this character deserves.

9. The Aliens - American Horror Story: Asylum
No one cares about the aliens. They are not scary, they are not interesting, and their faces look like a butt.


10. Pierce Hawthorne - Community
Pierce Hawthrone transformed into a fantastic villain on this series. His bad guy act exposed each member of the Study Group's flaws, and it was a fantastic give and take. But lately he's just been banging that old drum a little too hard. We know Chevy Chase is leaving the series (thank goodness) and his exit could be a great moment for the group. A way to watch the gang grapple with mortality, and maybe even the mortality of their own series. Or they could just launch Pierce into space and blow him up with a laser. That would work too.