Photographer Art Wolfe has spent decades capturing not just the hidden world of animals, but also the world of hidden animals. In his Vanishing Act series of photos, he invites us to search his images for the camouflaged animals within. For example, do you see the mantis in that top picture? Wolfe has a huge collection of these images—along with their solutions—at his blog, or you can purchase his Vanishing Act book.

Vanishing Act [Art Wolfe via Daily Mail via Neatorama]

Cryptic grasshopper on heliconia leaf, Napo River region, Peru:


Leafy Seadragon, found only in the coastal waters of southern Australia near Kangaroo Island:

A Yellow-bellied Marmot watches for predators in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado:


Yellow-leaf mantis, Panama:

Pygmy seahorse near Papua New Guinea:



American Pika:


Two klipspringers: