Illustrator and concept artist Daryl Toh Liem Zhan is working his way through the alphabet by illustrating at least one monster for each letter. But while some of his monsters come from familiar movies and western urban legends, Zhan pulls from the monstrous myths of the world, drawing creatures from Inuit, South African, Japanese, and Chinese tales as well.

For example, that first image above it "B for Bake-Kujira," a ghostly whale said to have appeared off the coast of the Shimane Prefecture. And even though I wasn't familiar with the horse-headed serpent Inkanyamba before viewing Zhan's series, his use of the Internet's favorite horse mask as its head ensures that I won't soon forget it.

See the rest of the continuing series in Zhan's deviantART gallery.

[takeru-san via Ian Brooks]


G for Godzilla

H for Horus


I for Inkanyamba

K for King Kong vs. Kraken