Some damn fine data visualization (interactive data visualization, at that!) by the folks at the Institue for Health Metrics and evaluation.

Here are some snap-judgements:

All Causes (males pictured above)

A downward trend in the combined causes accounted for. True for males and females alike.


Not much of an issue in the U.S. anymore. (Though it's a very different story for the rest of the world.)


I'm confused... are these victims of poisoning (as in, they were poisoned intentionally by someone else) or accidental poisonings (self-inflicted or otherwise)? Either way: WHAT'S WITH THE POISON BOOM??

Breast Cancer

One of the few causes of death where probabilities in women are markedly higher than those in men. Things have gotten better, but not by much. Kind of the case for a lot of cancers, actually.

Communicable Diseases

Ugh, HIV.

Much more to explore over at IHME.