From the most extensive collection of Blade Runner memorabilia we've ever laid eyes on comes a series of original storyboards from Ridley Scott's dystopian masterpiece — and holy heck are they outstanding.

"This is just a few of the FX story boards I now have," writes the webmaster for Ridleyville, a self-professed Blade Runner devotee who, over time, has amassed a jealousy-inducing stockpile of Blade Runner collectibles, which he catalogues on the site.


"I have a hundred of these as well as some unique documents and some are completely hand drawn or written originals," he continues. "I think that these are one of my favourite items."

Flip through our gallery to see the scene from each storyboard up close, but be sure to expand/enlarge each image to reveal the technical notes for each one. See more of them (not to mention the rest of this formidable prop-/script-/clothing-/game-/poster-/comic-/photo-/everything-collection) over at Ridleyville.

[Via Dangerous Minds]