A few days ago, we posted a few concept art pieces from the unmade fourth '90s live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, revealing a fifth turtle named after Jack Kirby and an evil April so busty she looks ready to tip over. But the '90s turtle train doesn't stop there; Comic Book Movie poster nailbiter111 uncovered more concept art from the defunct late-90s turtle film. These pieces gave our core turtles and their sensei additional mutations, resulting in a muscle-bound Splinter and a Raphael with sharp teeth and talons.

TMNT co-creator Peter Laird penciled these concept pieces, which were inked by his co-creator Kevin Eastman. The idea was that the mutagen would continue to give the turtles and Splinter new abilities and new woes: Donatello would become telepathic and telekinetic but would start to lose his eyesight; Leonardo could turn his skin into an impenetrable chrome-like substance; Michelangelo could project a human appearance, allowing him to interact with humans (hence the funky clothes); Raphael could turn into the monstrous "Raptor Raphael"; and Splinter would get in on the action since he would now have the power to morph into a super rat. On that last point, Laird says, "Okay, it's lame... I admit it."

Fourth Live-Action Movie [Peter Laird via Comic Book Movie]