Urban exploration photos often give us a sense that these crumbling, abandoned buildings are still haunted by the people who once walked their halls. This series of "Now & Then" photos from DetroitUrbex go a step further, contrasting photos of the abandoned Lewis Cass Technical High School with photos of its days as a fully functioning school, ghosts of the building's past.

This building was originally built in 1919 and functioned as part of Lewis Cass Technical High School until structural problems made continued renovations of the school impractical. A new high school building was completed in 2005 (although, according to DetroitUrbex, that school is also plagued by poor workmanship), leaving the 1919 building to rot until its demolition in 2011. DetroitUrbex's photos memorialize the school, not just for its rotting floors and peeling paint, but for the place it once was. See the entire composite photo series at DetroitUrbex.

Lewis Cass Technical High School Now & Then [DetroitUrbex via WebUrbanist]