Storyboard artist Sairobi sends the Avengers back in time, to an alternate Prohibition Era in which S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't a law-enforcement agency, but a law-breaking one as Nick Fury and his team get into the bootlegging business.

Sairobi also adds a few worldbuilding details to her bootlegging Avengers concept:

Tony's arc reactor runs on grain alcohol.

Steve punched the Kaiser.

Bruce hasn't been the same since the accident he had while working with Curies.

Thor makes some mean white lightning.

And Loki's the new boss looking to muscle in on Fury's business.

She also has plenty more Avengers fanart in her deviantART gallery (Nathasha and Clint get a lot of quality time), as well as Boardwalk Empire fanart, including this highly scientific guide to the men of the series.

Sairobi [via GeekTyrant]