I blame Disney's Robin Hood for my fascination with furries. I love their mascot-like outfits, their button eyes, their tails. I love the strange way they anthropomorphize animals with cheerleading outfits, and yet refuse to give them shoes. So when I was sent Draw More Furries by Jared Hodges and Linsday Cibos, I knew I was going to kill an entire day just staring at this madness. Here are the highlights.

First up, the cover. Draw More Furries — is the world so exhausted with furry drawings that we need a book proclaiming that more was a necessity? Also, yes that IS a dinosaur girl on the left corner. I believe that is technically called a scalie. The more you know.


Draw More Furries is basically a very dense drawing lesson that covers every single part of the furry drawing....

Like how furries are different from other lame bunny drawings. Look at the normal bunny, NO THANKS.

This is what a furry would look like ON THE INSIDE.

A before and after pic.

A naked furry.

And then the drawing book breaks down into various kinds of furries, scalies, fantasy creatures and abominations of god.


Otter Furry.

Kangaroo Furry!

Of all the furry drawing books I've ever seen (one), this is probably the best. So if you want to learn how to draw furries, or if you just like looking at Ken Doll Dog Men in scarves and sunglasses, you should buy it at Amazon.