Two days ago, North Korea finally lobbed a weather satellite into orbit, officially marking their entry into space. And as if to say, "About freakin TIME," a photograph has emerged showing Kim Jong-un enjoying a post-launch cigarette moments after the rocket was launched.

Other pictures show Kim wishing his generals good luck just prior to the momentous event, and another showing him giving the order to launch the rocket.

The outcast nation says it's their right to enter into the now-expired space race despite warnings from the United Nations that it has violated a ban on the development of missile related technology.

Japan and South Korea are concerned that the space program is a front for the development of a nuclear warhead. The United States and Russia have also expressed their concerns.

The successful launch, the first since last April when a rocket disintegrated soon after take off, is being celebrated by millions across the country. Today, to commemorate the achievement, over 150,000 North Koreans gathered in the bitter cold to watch parades and hear speeches.

The Telegraph reports:

Tens of thousands of North Koreans who packed snowy Kim Il-sung Square clenched their fists in a unified show of resolve as a military band tooted horns and pounded on drums.

Huge red banners positioned in the square called on North Koreans to defend Kim Jong-un with their lives. They also paid homage to his father, Kim Jong-il, and his grandfather, North Korean founder Kim Il-sung.

Pyongyang says the rocket put a crop and weather monitoring satellite into orbit. Much of the rest of the world sees it as a thinly disguised test of banned long-range missile technology.

North Korea said that the satellite was a gift to Kim's late father, Kim Jong-il. The weather satellite is called Kwangmyongsong, or "Lode Star" — the nickname given to the elder Kim at birth.

Images: Telegraph.