The weekend is here, and what better way to start the next few days off right than with just a massive collection of all of our favorite Disney gifs? We dare you to try and top Ariel's "My Body is Ready" gif. Seriously, put your favorite Disney gifs in the comments.

Tennant Snow White via Smosh

Via Smosh

Dug via animated-disney-gifs

Via That Disney Gif.

Riveting via That Disney Gif.

Via That Disney Gif

Nana Smash via Obsessive Disney Disorder

Via Puddin18

Via Obsessive Disney Disorder

Via Fuck Yeah Disney Gifs

Sword and the Purple Hair

Cinderella Slipper via Just Hold On 17

Frozen Dalmation via Disney Magic Kingdom

Via Always Disney Bound

Pocahontas does her wind hair thing via Always Disney Bound

Not Amused Kitty via Always Disney Bound

Good Job Pongo via Beauty and Disney

Via Beauty and Disney

Weeeee via Always Disney Bound

Twitterpated via Beauty and Disney

Via GoPhoto

Via Something Wonderful

Best Day Ever! via My Weird Movie Fetish

Via Always Disney Bound

via Always Disney Bound

via My Weird Movie Fetish

Bangs via That Disney Gif