Although he was last seen teaching Archaeology 101 at Marshall College, it appears that Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. still has a mailbox at his alma mater. The above package arrived earlier this week to the confusion of the University of Chicago staff and the general delight of the universe at large:

The University of Chicago Admissions department received a package Wednesday that initially wasn't given a second thought until they gave it a closer look.
On the surface, the package addressed to "Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr." seemed innocuous enough until a student mail worker asked who Dr. Jones was. That's when they realized the package was addressed to none other than Indiana Jones.
Further inspection of the packages contents revealed they contained a detailed replica of Dr. Abner Ravenwood's journal from Raiders of the Lost Ark, photos of Marion Ravenwood and replica money, most of it made by hand. Rosenwald Hall, which houses U of C's Admission's Department, also used to be home to the university's geography and geology departments.

One can only hope that, while the package was being opened, somebody had the good sense to shout, "Marion, don't look at it.Shut your eyes, Marion! Don't look at it, no matter what happens!"


In related news, earlier this morning someone left a bag of flaming dog shit on Henry "Mutt" Williams' porch.

Thanks to Anthony Todd for the tip!
Photo by Grace Chapin
[Via The Chicagoist]