With the exception of Hitler, it's safe to say that the design of Deadpool as portrayed in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie is the worst thing that has ever happened since the creation of the universe. But it turns out the final look of the beloved Marvel mutant assassin was only one of many terrible, terrible possibilities from a company named Amalgamated Designs, who was hired to bring Deadpool to the big screen. They've collected all these designs in the above video; shockingly, in the middle there are several potential designs that were 1) actually reminiscent of Deadpool's look from the comics, and 2) not entirely godawful. But as you can also see, someone was very much stuck on the Merc with No Mouth idea from the very beginning. Still, there's a few where Deadpool kind of looks like a clown, so I guess it could've technically been worse. Technically.

[Via SuperHeroHype]