A giant robot actually punches a giant monster in the face! The first trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim broke our brains with its kaiju-powered insanity. The monsters are a perfect blend of Gamara, Cthulhu, and Del Toro's favorite look: fat horns with jagged teeth. As for the giant robots known as Jaegers? Imagine if Iron Man had sex with an Evangelion — THESE ARE THEIR BABIES.

Here are some of our favorite monster-on-Jaeger action shots from the trailer. With commentary on a few select images.


That's right — there are NO humans in this gallery. We know what humans look like. We only want GIANT MONSTERS AND GIANT ROBOTS. With mouths the size of an airplane. And glittery fists. And burning.

Spooky kaiju skeleton!

The magical interdimensional rift in the ocean that the monsters came out of

That mouth is glowing. Fire or energy breath weapon? Please let it be true.


This monster reminds us of Guiron, who fought Gamara on that weird planet with the sexy aliens who served donuts!

Robot brains!

Note the four-armed Jaeger in the background. Four arms!

Nice punch, nice teeth, nice everything. Clearly another shot of the Guiron monster.

For some reason I have a giant glowing fan in my chest, either to cool my giant bank of CPUs, or just to look badass like my daddy Iron Man.

Why are you punching that Tree Ent in the face? All he wants to do is recite poetry.

It's like the Kraken from Clash of the Titans, with Gamara's head glued on top . . . and it looks FREAKIN GREAT.