Having yanked the G.I. Joe movie sequel from its summer premiere at the last possible second to add some of that 3-D and Channing Tatum all the kids seem to love nowadays, Paramount would like to respectfully invite you all to remember G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a thing that will exist this coming spring, and it will have ninjas, shit blowing up and Bruce Willis. So you should look forward to seeing it, at least until Paramount suddenly decides in February that it could use the charisma of Marlon Wayans and pulls the damn thing again.

Of note: That does seem to be the entire city of London getting turned inside out in the trailer. Sorry about that, England. Look, I know G.I. Joe is technically an international task force in these movies, but it's still an international task force made up on 90% Real American Heroes. Europe is not high on the priority list. That's why G.I. Joe only sent four guys in a white rental van to protect the Eiffel Tower in Rise of Cobra. Which is admittedly also probably why Cobra actually destroyed the Eiffel Tower in Rise of Cobra. In this case, I can only assume Joe's force of two white Budget rental vans wasn't quite enough to prevent London's destruction.