You've already seen the new Man of Steel trailer, probably multiple times. But have you seen it broken down into still images, so that you actually know what Zack Snyder's Superman movie might actually involve? No, you haven't — so that's why you better check out this gallery of trailer screencap goodness immediately.

Spoilers ahead...

A shirtless Clark Kent takes a swim in troubled waters.

A close-up of same. How DC/WB expects to bring in audiences when it keeps throwing these unappealing shots of shirtless Henry Cavill on the screen, I'll never know.

Young Clark is frightened by something, which the voiceover indicates is "how big the world is." Hiding in a closet seems like a solid idea.

Young Clark is also involved in a school bus crash... which young Clark saves the day with his powers.

Pa Kent worriedly points out that Clark has to keep his powers secret, even if it means letting a busload of children die. So that's a bit different from the normal Superman canon.

Young Clark walking down an unnatural-looking tunnel? I think he's about to find a Kryptonian spaceship. Or else he's in a Kryptonian spaceship.

Powerful artifact...or a Superman-logo eraser. One of the two. (Actually, I'm guessing this is a device that summons the ship, for reasons that will be clear in a second.)

Superman visits the Arctic - maybe looking for some prime real estate to put a Fortress of Solitude?

It's hard to tell since this is just a pic of Supes putting his fist on the ground, but he's actually powering up...

...for a very awesome low-orbit flight.

Since that seems to be a tanker truck in the bottom-middle, I think we can say Metropolis is going to have a bad day.

Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer as Clark's birth parents Jor-El and Lara Lor-van. I bet Jor-El wouldn't tell Clark to let a bus full of kids die.

Clark Kent is on fire. I repeat: CLARK KENT IS ON FIRE.

Okay, here is what I assume is Clark's spaceship, making a very noticeable landing on the Kent farm. Since the ship crashed initially, I figure Clark accidentally summons his ship to the farm when he finds the eraser thing.

Michael Shannon as Zod.

And, while it's a little fuzzy, here is Superman kneeling before someone who I think we can safely assume is Zod.

More trouble in Metropolis.

Someone watches the destruction of Krypton.

The U.S. government overpowers and captures Supe— HA HA HA. Sorry, couldn't even finish that sentence. Obviously, Superman has let himself be captured.

Superman and Zod get ready to have a mid-air melee.

Chris Meloni as Colonel Hardy and Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton.

"My Science Experiment: Why It's Sometimes Okay to Let Busfulls of Children Die, According to My Dad."

Supes gives Ma Kent a hug.

A little more flying action...

...followed quickly by some crashing action.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

I assume this is where Clark surrenders himself to the military before being led away in handcuffs.

And the overdesigned Superman logo, which perfectly encapsulates Superman's overdesigned costume for the movie.