Zoidberg also battles Hawkeye, Dick Tracy, an unlicensed Hobbit and a bunch of terrible zombies if you want to get picky about it, but I suggest just checking out today's DVD and Blu-ray releases instead.

Futurama Vol. 7
The rejuvenated Futurama continues its trend of being fine. Not nearly as funny as it used to be, admittedly, but still fine.

The Bourne Legacy
This sequel/reboot of the Bourne franchise (requel? seboot?) shows what Hawkeye was doing while the events of The Bourne Ultimatum were happening.

Dick Tracy
Warren Beatty's weird and shockingly accurate movie of the comic-strip comes to Blu-ray. Seeing as the best part about Tracy was the film's incredible use of color to represent its comic origins, I would imagine that the Blu-ray is a treat.

Ultra Seven: The Complete Series
The 1967 TV sequel to Ultraman, with special effects from the legendary Eiji Tsuburaya, comes to DVD thanks to Shout Factory. Note: This is the original Japanese version, not the goofy dub that TNT showed in the ‘90s.

In Search of…: The Complete Series
Before Unsolved Mysteries, there was In Search of…, the hour-long documentary series which examined the weird, unexplained and otherworldly. It was hosted by the occasionally mustachioed Leonard Nimoy, and ran from 1976-82. If you want to know what the '70s thought about everything from Bigfoot to aliens, this is the show for you.

Is This a Zombie? Season One
Alas, this is merely an anime comedy and not an in-depth examination into what I feel is a very valid question. (Episode 1: It Its Flesh Rotting? Episode 2: Is It Trying to Bite You? Episode 3: Then Run, Asshole)

Wonder Woman TV Movie Pilot
Before Lynda Carter put on the corset, tennis star Cathy Lee Crosby gave it a shot - albeit in a pantsuit and more as a spy than a superheroine. Still, she fought Ricardo Montleban, so that's something.

Baron Blood: Remastered Edition
Mario Bava's 1972 horror classic about an evil old man who rises from the grave to stalk busty young women, which is not significantly different from pretty much every episode of Benny Hill.

Age of the Hobbits
Remember that terrible Asylum movie that had nothing to do with The Hobbit but used "Hobbit" in the title anyways even though the Tolkien estate owns the term? Well, a judge blocked this DVD's release last night, so… you can't get it. But I find the whole fiasco hilarious, so I'm mentioning it anyways. Tee hee!

The Toxic Avengers: Japanese Cut
I had no idea there was actually a Japanese cut of the Toxic Crusader, but there is and it contains an extra four minutes of footage (probably gore). Good to know.

By all accounts, this is the most boring Osama Bin Laden-as-a-zombie movie that's ever been made. Man, if you can't make an Osama Bin Laden-as-a-zombie movie that's at least interestingly bad, you've done something horribly wrong.

Collision Earth
Syfy drops the giant killer animal combos to present a simple tale of the sun knocking Mercury out of its orbit and directly towards Earth. Fringe's Kirk Acevedo plays Mercury, or something.

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
A LGBT-friendly rom-com and parody of ‘50s b-movie sci-fi flicks.

Gangsters, Guns and Zombies
So, zombie movies they haven't made yet: Top Zombie Chef, Daycare Zombie, So You Think the Undead Can Dance… and that's about it, isn't? Any I'm missing?

Lego Ninjago – Masters of Spinjutsu: Rise of Green
I don't know how many of you will be buying this - I can't imagine it's a lot of you - but I feel compelled to list any DVD that technically stars Lego people. I hope that's all right.