Millions of people celebrated around the world when NASA's Mars rover Curiosity landed on the red planet, and the big, smart robot has become a symbol of the triumph of science. It's an inspiration to everyone, even artists! Now you can celebrate Curiosity with these gorgeous, goofy and awesome artistic hommages to the greatest robot on Mars.

All of these images, sculptures, and art can be purchased from the artists. If you are inspired, please consider supporting the artist who created it by following the link to their site and buying a copy! This is just the tip of the Martian polar ice cap. Add your favorite art in comments below.

Commemorative poster of the Mars Curiosity landing, from Etsy seller The JBots

"Stay Curious" poster from Etsy seller Ink and Sword

Hand-cut sculpture of Curiosity, from Etsy seller Absurd Realities.

Mars landing necklace with sky crane. Possibly the most awesome piece of jewelry ever made. From Etsy seller The Science Boutique.

Linocut print of Curiosity from Etsy seller Monkeyrope, which also has beautiful linocuts of previous Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity as well. Collect all three!

"Curiosity's Discovery," by rainytown

"Curiosity," by Kim Dingwall

"Curiosity," a drawing inspired by the rover, by MattiasA

"Touchdown Confirmed," by entroz

Curiosity art nouveau treatment by Naked Zergling

"Curiosity Begins," by Dr. Harbinger Aquarius