Welcome to the first installment of our weekly guide to DVD releases. This week: Tarantino! The Expendables 2! Cinderella! Power Rangers! Anime! And some total crap!

Tarantino XX 8-Film Collection
I don't know how involved Tarantino was with this set - which includes Death Proof and True Romance, if you're wondering - but if this is what he was wasting his time with instead of giving me Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, I hate it.

The Expendables 2
How did Sylvester Stallone waste the Expendables' potential so quickly? The first movie was a straightforward ‘80s action film that just happened to be made in 2010. The Expendables 2 was a mess that tripped over itself constantly in its desire to wink at the audience. Seriously, Schwarzenegger says "Ah'll be bahck" approximately nine billion times in the sequel. It's gross.

On Blu-ray, for you Disney nerds. There's also a Cinderella II/Cinderella III Blu-ray pack coming out today, for you Disney nerds who hate yourselves.

Ancient Aliens: Season Four
Look, I haven't watched this show, so I have no real authority to say this, but come on. Four seasons of Ancient Aliens? Either ancient aliens were really fucking bored or the producers are just making shit up at this point.

Dragon: Riders of Berk
If you were fond of this TV series based on the quite excellent How to Train Your Dragon movie, you probably shouldn't buy this because it's one DVD with four random episodes. Wait and/or pray for a complete season box set.

Inuyasha: The Final Act Set 1
If you somehow kept a desire to watch more Inuyasha after the soul-crushingly boring first anime series ended with absolutely no resolution, congratulations! Here's the actual ending, finally animated. Well, set two will include the actual ending, but you know what I mean.

Transformers Prime: Season 2
I don't know if you realize this, but Transformers fan really enjoy this show. Yes, even though there are three racially distinct kids who are the Autobots' best friends. Yes, even though all the mouths are weird, lipless orifices. No, I have no idea either.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series
122 episodes on 19 discs with over five hours of extras for $84 (at the moment). Shout Factory, you're doing the nerd lord's work.

Grave of the Fireflies
The most depressing anime film ever made comes to Blu-ray. Did you know some Japanese company actually produced the candy eaten by little Setsuko in the film? For a movie that is entirely about watching two small children die of hunger in WWII Japan, that is bleak.

Pokémon Black & White: Set 1
Pokémon explores the complexity of race relations in its newest cartoon series. Or something.

Eclipse Series 27: When Horror Came to Shochiku
Four 1960s horror flicks from Japan's weirdest studio, including The X from Outer Space, Goke: Body Snatcher from Hell, The Living Skeleton and Genocide. Starring a giant monster, a blob man, waterlogged ghosts and some bad-tempered bugs, respecyively.

Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack
For those of you who have been wanting to buy GoT but wanted to wait to purchase it in three different formats simultaneously. Weirdos.

Soul Eater: The Complete Series
I have nothing to say about this anime series. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tenchi in Tokyo Box Set
The worst Tenchi anime collected in one small package, perfect for instantly throwing in the garbage.

Super Pack Zombies!!
I feel like a DVD collection of Porn Star Zombies, Bunker of Blood, Office of the Dead and Bled White doesn't warrant the two exclamation points Amazon seems to think necessary.

Puppet Master II: Toulon's Revenge
The acclaimed masterpiece comes to Blu-ray, allowing you to view the demonic puppet-vs.-Nazi fight in the HD it deserves to be seen.

Gingerdead Man Trilogy Box Set
This three-DVD set includes the original classic, and the even more classic sequels Passion of the Crust and Saturday Night Cleaver.