What: Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid
Why: After the Earth has burned Doctors will be in high demand. But with this handy dandy Emergency Medicine book you can fake it until you make it. We recommend the paperback, because while full of useful information this book is HEAVY.
How Much: $18.62
Where: Amazon.

What: AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio
Why: Solar, hand crank, radio, flash light and smart phone charger with cables this little baby has it all. Stay connected, or at the very least, entertained because shadow puppets.
How Much: $19.99
Where:Ambient Weather

Solar Power Generator
Why: If we've learned anything from Revolution (we haven't) it's that he who has the power can control the world. Become the king of Chicago with your own solar powered generator. Which has a lovely set of wheels attached to the back for running through the streets screaming, "I AM GOD!"
How Much: $3,739 And for a few extra bones it hooks up nicely to the Water Purification System from the same company.
Where: Solar One

What: Lightweight Dry Sack
Why: Keep your undies, food, faded photos of the kids, and collection of zombie ears dry at all times.
How Much: $21.95
Where: REI

What: First Aid Kit
Why: Ranked as one of the best first aid kits by Popular Mechanics, the Respond Systems' Four-Person Disaster Kit has enough medical supplies and food to sustain four people for three days. It's got food, water, a 5-gallon bucket, solar blankets and trash bags. There's plenty of medical supplies as well, so feel free to start arm chopping away if you've got a Merle in your group.

How Much: $126
Where: SoCalFirstAid

What:Pet Evac Bag and Carrier
Why: Do not forget your four-legged family member in times of crisis.
How Much: $60.00
Where: Amazon

What: Apocalypse Mask
Why: Look, things are going to happen out there during the end of the world. And you can either join up with a face tatt cannibal gang or you can go rogue. But should you decide to join up with the flesh eaters, you should be prepared.
How Much: $180
Where: Etsy

We could go on and on and on! But if you're looking for even more end-of-the-world camping type gear, you absolutely must check out this field test article from Gizmodo where tons and tons and tons of essential Apocalypse gear is reviewed.

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