What: Your Very Own Hobbit Hole
Why: Win the Best Parent, Boyfriend, Brother, Neighbor or Boss award. Seriously, doesn't your office need a Hobbit hole for reading and the occasional toke?
How Much: $3,140.00
Where: Etsy

What: Gollum Plushie
Why: There is an entire, adorable line of Hobbit plushies out. They are delightful, look at his wittle eyes!
How Much: $11.95
Where: Neatorama

What: Hobbit Feet Slippers
Why: Warm, furry and gigantic.
How Much: $19.99
Where: Think Geek

What: LOTR One Ring Nail Art
Why: Hand painted and covered in class. One nail to rule them all, bitches.
How Much: $22
Where: Etsy

What: Hobbit Cloak
Why: Because it's cold, and you deserve a magic cloak.
How Much: $200
Where: Etsy

What: The Gashlycrumb Hobbit
Why: A surprising mashup that works quite nicely.
How Much: $10
Where: Etsy

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