What: Which Green Lantern are you?
Why: Find out where you fall in the Green Lantern world.
How Much: $19.95 - $34.95
Where: DC Entertainment

What: Thor Hammer Bottle Opener
Why: Wield your matter hammer and quench the thirst of a God with the mead of humans.
How Much: $17.99
Where: ThinkGeek

What: Avengers Business Casual
Why: Fantastic Four, Ultimate Spider-Man, and The Avengers polo wear.
How Much: $28
Where: We Love Fine

What: Stitched Loki
Why: This headpiece is glorious, and hand made!
How Much: $55
Where: Etsy

What: Cape Bib
Why: Your baby knows the difference.
How Much: $12
Where: Etsy

What: Wonder Woman Mug
Why: So you too can feel wonderful during cup-of-soup night.
How Much: $9.99
Where: Superhero Stuff

What: Captain America Underwear
Why: Shield the goods.
How Much: 15.99
Where: Superhero Stuff

What: Tin Tin Rocket
Why: It's a Tin Tin thing.
How Much: $95.99

What: Super Socks!
Why: Hike up your pant leg when you're ready to show off your super gams.
How Much: $9.99
Where: ThinkGeek

What: Captain America Hoodie
Why: Perfect for lazy Cosplayers.
How Much: $60 - $70
Where: Amazon

What: KaPOW Shoe Badges
Why: Turn any boring old pair of shoes into ass kickers.
How Much: $31
Where: Etsy

What: Official 1966 Batmobile Replica
Why: If we have to tell you why....
How Much:

What: Avengers Knits for Kids
Why: This also comes in Hulk Adorable.
How Much: 18.99
Where: Etsy