What: Doctor Who Sticker Set
Why: We love the transparency of this sticker set. It's a classy computer sticker moment. Plus TIN DOG!
How Much: $11.95
Where: QMX Online

What: Doctor Who Beach Towel
Why: Always carry a towel... wait a minute!
How Much: $14.99
Where: ThinkGeek

What: River Song's "Official" Journal
Why: Sadly the official journal of River Song is backordered, but I would keep checking back. Plus there are tons of knockoffs if you can handle having an unofficial version.
How Much: $12.98
Where: BBC

What: Customized Gallifreyan Message Jewelry
Why: Because you can customize your own message in Gallifreyan!
How Much: $40
Where: Etsy

What: Bill Mudron Prints
Why: Gorgeous, alone or in a set.
How Much: $20 each
Where: Big Cartel

What: Doctor Who Toile
Why: If your Whovian is crafty, they can take this delightful fabric and make it anything they desire — look, shoes!
How Much: $18 per yard
Where: Spoonflower

What: The Official Bow Tie of the 11th Doctor
Why: Everybody now, all together... BOW TIES ARE COOL!
How Much: $29.99
Where: ThinkGeek

What: Who Girls: Calendar 2013
Why: A lovely companion for every month! Just like The Doctor!
How Much: $20
Where: Forbidden Planet

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