What: Star Wars Snow Trooper Helmet Cufflinks
Why: Made from LEGO bricks. So yeah, that's awesome.
How Much: $24.99
Where: Etsy

What: AT-AT Dog Costume
Why: It doesn't have to be Halloween for your dog/cat/small child to be awesome ALL THE TIME.
How Much: $19.99
Where: Halloween Costumes

What: Star Wars Trilogy Art House Posters
Why: Looking for a way to class up your living room while keeping the movie poster look from your childhood bedroom. Easy just get some glorious prints of these lovelies by Tim Anderson.
How Much: $60
Where: Etsy

What: Star Wars Classic Poster iphone Case
Why: Go retro on your new tech.
How Much: $24.99
Where: Target

What:AT-AT Book Ends
Why: Show all your books where your heart really is, with movies.
How Much: $225
Where: Gentle Giant

What: Darth Vader and Son
Why: Created and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown, this adorable little book wonders what sort of Farther Darth would have made.
How Much: $8.30
Where: Amazon

What: "Whoever Rescues Me Has To Rescue Chew, Too''
Why: James Hance, artist behind the amazing UP Star Wars mashup has a Star Wars Leia that is soul crushingly adorable.
How Much: $15
Where: James Hance

What: Wookie Jesus
Why: You don't have nearly enough Star Wars art yet.
How Much: $30
Where: The Oatmeal

What: Star Wars Character Cut Outs
Why: For Parties.
How Much: $32 to $71
Where: Firebox

What: Star Wars Car Decal
Why: Warn drivers, there's a droid on board.
How Much: 14.99
Where: Think Geek

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