What do you buy for the pop sci fan in your life? We've scoured the internet and found something for everyone. And we mean everyone. We dug up the most popular posters, sweatshirts and AT-AT dog costumes your favorite geeks didn't even know they were coveting, this holiday season.

We've got something for all of you: Fairy tale fans, Game of Thrones lovers, and Star Wars nuts. Here's our ultimate gift guide for geeks of every pop culture stripe.


EDITOR NOTE: Before you freak out in the comments this is a POP CULTURE gift guide. There will be plenty more gift guides to come, just like we do every year.

Gifts for Game Of Thrones Fans

Gifts for Hobbit Fans

Gifts for Fairy Tale Fans

Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Gifts for Apocalypse Fans

Gifts for Superhero Fans

Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

Gifts for Star Trek Fans