First there were the hideously generic black football pads, then there was the formidable suit of armor lurking in the darkness. Now, we finally get a good look at a silver version of the new cyborg suit from the upcoming RoboCop remake, and thank the Robot Devil, it's silver.

Dread Central snagged these images from a video that briefly appeared online. It looks like these might be the concept images behind the suit we saw earlier this past week. If the black Batman suit from a while back is a full and complete RoboCop suit, that suggests that we will indeed be seeing multiple RoboCop suits. It's a relief to see this one, which looks much more like an update of the original rather than just another piece of armor. Plus, this gives us a couple more peeks at the guns and drones hanging around dystopian Detroit.


New RoboCop Concept Art Home to Some Wonderful Toys [Dread Central - Hat tip to James]