THE SOCIALIST OCEAN PARADISE | One of several astonishing pictures of Neft Dashlari, Stalin's utopian ocean city that is destined to be submerged forever. Read more here.

What happens to women denied abortions? This is the first scientific study to find out.

Abortion is a hotly debated and poorly studied medical procedure. There are a few studies of dubious validity that connect abortion to mental illness and drug use. More »

Why doesn't Syfy have a show like Battlestar Galactica any more?

Last week, the first two episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome went online, and we all remembered our love affair with BSG. This show was thought-provoking, powerful, and obsessively mysterious. More »

Man in coma uses his thoughts to tell doctors, ‘I'm not in pain'

Back in 2010, neuroscientists confirmed that it was possible to communicate with some patients locked in a vegetative state by using an fMRI scanner. More »

The final Twilight movie is like a porn film with action figures

I realized it about a quarter of the way into Breaking Dawn, Part 2, the fifth and final movie in the Twilight movie saga. I was watching a porn flick. More »

Scientists call their discovery a ‘perfect' invisibility cloak

A demonstration at Duke University using a new device now shows that it may be possible to get true cloaking. As David Smith recently told the BBC, "This to our knowledge is the first cloak that really addresses getting the transformation exactly right to get you that perfect invisibility." More »

Who would win in a fight between Tolkien characters and Game of Thrones characters? George R.R. Martin weighs in

There's no question that George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books owe a huge debt to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, but what would happen if Westeros declared war on Middle Earth? More »

Are humans getting dumber?

A new study published in Trends in Genetics is suggesting that humans are slowly but surely losing their intellectual and emotional capacities. According to Stanford University's Gerald Crabtree, humanity peaked in intelligence about 2,000 years ago, and we've been heading downhill since then, owing to genetic mutations that aren't being selected against. More »

The Firefly Episode We're Really Glad Joss Whedon Didn't Get to Make

The Firefly reunion special on the Science Channel revealed a few story ideas for episodes that never got made. Including one that we're really, really glad never happened. More »

Why Do Geeks Like Kinky Sex?

Every subculture has its own permutations of sexual fetishism, and geek culture is no different. There are certain kinks you see again and again among nerds. More »

What Ridley Scott's I Am Legend vampires would have looked like

In the late 1990s, director Ridley Scott was hoping to revive his flagging career with a new adaptation of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. More »

This is a real skull from a real animal and it may just be the most terrifying thing ever

Even if you're not usually frightened by snakes, it's hard not to feel intimidated by a Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica). Just look at its skull. More »

The Most Disturbing Twilight Products OF ALL TIME

Back in 2009, we started keeping tabs on the terrible, horrible things that started trundling out on the internet shortly after the peak of Twilight fandom. More »

Just how inaccurate were the hacking scenes in Skyfall?

Skyfall, the latest Bond flick, wasn't just a fun movie - it also featured the only Bond villain who used evil cyberhacking as the main weapon in his arsenal. More »

This is the most accurate American election map we've seen yet

There are no red states or blue states. There are purple states. Mauve states. Violet states. You've probably seen maps that depict America's blended political landscape before ("we are not that divided" writes Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo), but odds are you've never seen one quite like this. More »

What did Damon Lindelof add to Prometheus? The Biggest Differences from the Original Draft

Yesterday Jon Spaihts' original Prometheus script popped up on the internet. And it included lots, and lots, and lots of differences with the version that we actually saw on screen, after Damon Lindelof had rewritten it. More »