Over at Popular Science, there is a terrific collection of short articles about the future of materials science β€” sometimes called nanotechnology β€” that you absolutely must read if you want to understand where technology is heading. Often neglected in gee-whiz tales of the future, materials science is nevertheless the field that brought you innovations like aluminum and rubber. And it could one day pave the way for space elevators if we can figure out how to generate a cable made of superstrong, superthin threads of carbon.

Materials scientists are the people who are changing the fabric of the world, one molecule at a time. One day, thanks to their research, we might have electronic skin, flexible wings on airplanes, self-repairing machines, spider silk implants, heat-seeking solar panels that move with the sun, and much more. Check it out over at PopSci.

The illustrations, by Guy Stauber and Chris Whetzel, add the perfect amount of amazing to these stories about incredible breakthroughs. I want some of these as posters for my wall.